Catch me on WEBN Sundays from 3-7PM EST (pending Bengals games). Rock and roll all the way. \m/ Favs include Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, The Black Crowes, My Morning Jacket, Soundgarden (RIP Chris L); Tom Petty (RIP L). I’m a HUGE STAR WARS fan. Anything and everything. May the force be with you. I drive a JEEP and ride a 94 Harley Sportster. Go Reds, Bengals and and (start groaning…..) St. Louis Cardinals (I grew up near St. Louis, it’s in my blood). Worked in radio in Springfield, IL; Dayton, OH and most recently Detroit. Moved in February of 2017 and landed at iHeartMedia Cincinnati overseeing Marketing & Promotions and the Western & Southern WEBN Fireworks.