Interview: Stone Temple Pilots, Bush and The Cult on the Revolution 3 Tour!

Three major alternative rock bands – Stone Temple Pilots, The Cult and Bush – are joining forces for a major, tri-headlining tour, dubbed the “Revolution 3” Tour. 

The tour reaches the Michigan Lottery Ampipthere at Freedom Hill on July 24. 

Anne Erickson chatted with Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots and Ian Astbury of The Cult about the tour and their love for Detroit!

"Some of the best audiences in America I ever played to are in Detroit," Robert said. "I can't wait."

As for having new STP vocalist, Detroit native Jeff Gutt, on board, Robert said, "I'm proud of the fact that we have someone from Detroit, because Detroit has such a huge history of great music that's come out of it." 

Listen to the full interview below! XO



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