Audioslave Reunited With A Famous Singer For A Rare Performance!

The guys from Audioslave performed with System of a Down singer, Serj Tankian this Monday in Auckland, New Zealand. From (Alternative Nation) Tankian stated that "We’re here tonight to honor a compassionate, just and gentle human being who I had the great pleasure to call my friend, Chris Cornell." “His voice was always honest, caring and real. It’s difficult to successfully lie through art." "The man himself was always honest, caring and real.” These are some very strong and kind words for someone like Serj to say about Cornell, who he admired watchinng perform with Soundgarden and Audioslave. In the video down below, they played "Like A Stone" with Serj singing Cornell's vocals, and it is really cool and interesting to hear someone's take like Tankian's on this kind of song. When you listen to System of a Down you just get used to hearing all the fast paced screaming and tempo changing songs, but in some of the tunes that they play at a slower pace you can really hear Serj belt out that great voice of his. Him singing on this track does exactly that as he puts his own style on this song and does a solid job honoring Cornell and giving the fans an awesome rare perormance of this track. 

Photo: Getty Images



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