Jack White's Interview With Rolling Stone Magazine!

Jack White recently did an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, and I wanted to share a few questions and answers that really stood out to me while reading this. 

1.) He runs on the treadmill daily. Jack White says "I run as fast as humanly possible, for short bursts. It's true! I do! I'll run at top fuckin' speed ... on a treadmill. I can't run outside. It's too dangerous to run that fast outside with rocks and shit, I'll probably break an ankle. But whatever the top speed on the treadmill, I'll go. For short bursts. So I don't have a heart attack or some shit."

2.) Discussing if rock bands were closer to the center of popular culture, Jack said "I kind of slowly picked the most difficult spot to live in, which is in the middle," he says, back in his office. "It's easier to be a gigantic pop star or to be an underground band and be the underdog. Because the scrutiny comes from two different directions. There's people who want you to sound the same, there's people who want you to do something different, there's people who want you to be obscure, there's people who want you to be on the radio on the way to work."

3.) Lastly, a question about a White Stripes reunion was brought up and Jack White simply said " I highly doubt that would ever be a thing." 

I don't blame Jack White for not wanting a White Stripes reuinon as it was only a two person band, and he is having great success right now doing his solo tour. He will be here on April 19th, playing in front of a sold out crowd at Little Caesars Arena. 

Read the entire interview down below. 

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