Stone Temple Pilots Give A Kid An Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

Stone Temple Pilots had a concert in Phoenix this past Saturday night, and they let a 9 year old kid sing the song "Dead and Bloated." You can tell by watching this video how excited and in awe this kid was while performing with the band. If I had a chance to sing with one of my favorite bands during a concert in front of a large audience, I would go nuts! This will be a memory for boy and his family that will last a lifetime. Not many people get to say they got to peform with a successful band like Stone Temple Pilots at one of their shows. This was awesome to watch, and felt really happy for the kid! Speaking of the band, they will release their self titled album "Stone Temple Pilots" this Friday, March 16th. I am really looking forward to hearing this album as a whole, as I am already a big fan of the releases we have heard from the new record already. Let's hope these guys tour Detroit really soon! 

Photo: Getty Image



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