Is Fred Durst Directing a New John Travolta Movie?

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit is always delving into something new, and according to Variety, Durst is directing a new film named "Moorse." That's not all- the movie, believe it or not, stars John Travolta.

In the movie, Travolta will play the lead role. The character is fixated on a celebrity action star and wants to destroy his world. The story, according to Variety, is based on Durst's harrowing experience dealing with a stalker. Variety also says that principal photography for the film is taking place right now in Alabama.

Durst has directed a few films before "Moose," including 2007's "The Education of Charlie Banks" and 2008's "The Longshots." Durst, of course, has also directed music videos.

Having Travolta in his new film is certainly a feather in Durst's directing cap! XO



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