Did The Oscars Disrespect Chris Cornell?

During the Oscars this past Sunday, Pearl Jam's vocalist Eddie Vedder was performing Tom Petty's song "Room At The Top" during the In Memoraim segement. Social media went crazy after seeing that Chris Cornell was never mentioned or shown during this segment as they honored the musicians who had sadly passed away from the past year. What made it even weirder is that Cornell's song "The Promise" was apart of a film was that was nominated for an Oscar this year. Many fans were quick to voice their opinions about this happening, and I sure hope something like this never happens again! Rock artists shouldn't have to take a back seat to any other artists in this kind of Industry. Also, Chester Bennington didn't get a mention during this segment, which is just a major low blow to the rock industry. The Oscars better show real respect in the future, or else their ratings will keep on slipping like it did during this year. 

Photo: Getty Images



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