Just A Fun Night Out At An NFL Game

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Nothing like taking pops out for a nice Thursday night of football.  Until dad gets bloodied up by some idiot.  Call me crazy but you should be able to attend a football game without having an emergency room visit.  Apparently, the victim was upset the guy in front of him was standing the entire game obstructing his view.  Words were exchanged and the guy standing decided that was enough to treat this guy's face like a punching bag.  I sure hope he was taken away in cuffs.  

Update:  Charlotte police have the video and are trying to identify him.  POS ran out of there pretty quickly.

dude bro & his chicka were standing for the entire game. words gradually got more and more escalated. there previously was a single mom and her son between us, they left halfway through the 3rd. after that, the lid was off. the dude took offense to the couple never sitting down and obstructing his view. the victim telling the dude bro how they’re being jerks and how rude they are for not sitting. the dude bro turns around and calls the victim a “geriatric fuck”, “faggot”, and “hick”. then sucker punches him right in the face. i don’t know if he got away or left in handcuffs, but i hope it’s the latter. edit: to clarify further, both the puncher and punchee were wearing Panthers attire.

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