20 Years: Fight Night at The Joe

Remember where you were?  Joe Louis Arena holds 20,000 but triple that will claim they were there. I was watching at home, exactly 301 days after Kris Draper's face was destroyed by Claude Lemieux, who by the way, has claimed he never intended to hit Drapes, and regrets it.

Lasting memories of DMac putting Lemieux in "turtle mode", Patrick Roy and Mike Vernon going at it at center ice, and Vernon bloodying Roy's face. The announcers, Dave Strader and Mickey Redmond on PASS, not sure who said it, but the line "Lemieux was hammered by Darren McCarty, and he is being helped to the locker room" will forever be burned into my memory. 

Of course there was a hockey game to finish after 39 penalties and 148 total minutes, the Avs lead in the 3rd period 5-3.

Marty LaPointe and Shanny scored 36 seconds apart to tie it, then with less than a minute into OT McCarty buries the game winner, 'bingo-bango' Wings win the greatest regular season game ever, 6-5.

Imagine this type of game happening today? No way. This was hockey, and I'm happy to have watched it.

Even happier to call myself a Detroit Red Wings fan.

Happy 20th.


The hit that started it all....honestly, it looks pretty innocent.



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